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Cell membrane integrity, callose accumulation, and root growth in aluminum-stressed sorghum seedlings
Aluminum stress usually reduces plant root growth due to the accumulation of Al in specific zones of the root apex. The objectives of this study were to determine the localization of Al in the root apex of Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moech. and its effects on membrane integrity, callose accumulation, and root growth in selected cultivars. Seedlings were grown in a nutrient solution containing 0, 27, or 39 ?M Al3+ for 24, 48, and 120 h. The Al stress significantly reduced root growth, especially after 48 and 120 h of exposure. Read more
Profile got published: Prof. Samuel Gudu, Kenya's nurturing geneticist, and the fruits of his labour

“Having funding to support PhD students and provide them with the resources they need to complete their research is very fulfilling and will go a long way to enhance the long-term success of our goal: to provide Kenyan farmers with cereal varieties that will improve their yields and make their livelihood more secure and sustainable.” – Samuel Gudu, Professor and Principal, Rongo University College: A Constituent College of Moi University, Kenya. Read more
KUCCPS 2014 Admissions

KUCCPS students are advised to get their admission letters and other relevant documents on our website to get them ready before the 8th of August, 2014 on the download menu under KUCCPS 2014 Admissions



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